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Tier II Workshops

2019 RTI2-B: Tier II Workshop Events

Our free Tier II Workshop takes place over two days and is designed for School Leadership Teams who are already implementing Tier I in their schools. During this workshop, the team will work to develop written action plans for establishing Tier II of RTI2-Behavior. Teams will have structured time to develop their action plans to guide implementation with an entire school staff.

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Fairmount Elementary School team members from Bristol, TN collaborating at the RTI2-B: Tier II Workshop.

Tier II addresses the needs of students struggling with behavioral or social-emotional skills despite receiving strong Tier I supports including school climate, a comprehensive school counseling program, and effective classroom management. Tier II interventions are provided in addition to the Tier I supports in place for all students in the school. Interventions at Tier II are typically systematic, evidence-based interventions that target students’ identified behavior or social /emotional areas of deficit (e.g., self-management, coping, and organization). These interventions should be efficient, easily accessible for students, provided as soon as possible upon identification that the student is at risk or struggling, and often times, implemented among small groups of students who exhibit similar behavior concerns.

One goal of Tier II interventions is to address student needs and teach socially successful behaviors before inappropriate behaviors create major concerns and the need for more intensive intervention. In turn, this promotes a positive school climate where students are identified as needing additional support earlier and are taught self-monitoring and other socially successful behaviors necessary to succeed in school.

Tier II address the needs of 10-15 percent of students who require intervention or additional supports beyond those offered within Tier I instruction. In Tier II, strategies are proactive and targeted based on students’ needs. To move forward with Tier II, your school should have previously attended our Tier I workshop and be currently implementing Tier I.

What is RTI2-B? For more information about RTI2-Behavior and Tier II, please see our What is RTI2-Behavior page.